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Asian Greens

30 Oct


This delish stirfry is my ‘away meal’ I prefer my salads fresh so if I’m eating lunch or dinner at work ill whip this up the night before and pack into containers. It tastes great the next day after the veggies have really soaked up the flavor!

-super low cal noodles
-sesame oil
-soy sauce
-bok choy
-green beans
-tuna or chicken

I’m usually cooking this at 9pm so I’m lazy and just chuck it all into a pot with a lid and leave it for 20min, stirring once in a while. Like I mention in fill up and feel full – I use plenty of veg to bulk up my serving size, these veg in particular are very low cal so go nuts! Just remember to keep your oil to no more than a tbsp. per serve šŸ˜‰



Skinny bitch

28 Oct

Who hates that skinny girl that seriously eats more than your boyfriend and never gains a kilo! You too? Then your probably more like me, watching her eat makes me gain 5kg!

We are all made differently and us girls who were designed to survive a famine back in the day need to learn to accept that that’s the hand we’ve been dealt. It can be a tough pill to swallow but once you do you’ll be surprised with the result.

Accepting your body doesn’t mean giving up and learning to be happy at a larger size, it means accepting that you will need to work to fit into those size 8 skinny jeans! It means choosing between easily maintaining your natural weight or working that extra bit harder for the body you want.

Remember a choice is a decision made willingly so take your pick and embrace your body.

Riss šŸ™‚

will alcohol make me fat?

28 Oct

One of the most common questions I get is about alcohol and how can my clients keep it in their diet and still lose weight. Alcohol has a bad rep in the fitness industry, and I’m certainly not saying that its good but I do belive you can drink it and still get results! Now I’m not a big drinker and can happily cut it out for months at a time (and have done so a lot the past few years) but i understand it s a big part in a lot of people’s lives – So lets break it down so you can make your own conclusions. Looking at our macronutrients in the order of which they are used as energy by the body:

ALCOHOL: 7Ā calories per gram

CARBS: 4 calories per gram

FAT: 9Ā calories per gram

PROTEIN: 4Ā calories per gram

Alcohol has seven calories per gram, and is processed differently from the other macronutrients. Alcohol is not an essential nutrient and when ingested, your body typically identifies alcohol as a toxin and works furiously to remove it. Rather than getting stored as fat, alcohol is converted to a substance called acetate. The sharp rise in acetate after having a few drinks puts the brakes on fat loss.Ā Our body responds to alcohol much as it deals with simple carbsĀ -it becomes the primary source of energy and pushes everything else back down the pipeline. And we all know what happens to unused energy sources, yep, it turns to fat.

This brings many things into the equation when asking the question ‘will alcohol make me fat?’.

  • What else is in the pipeline? Having a burger and chips when drinking will be more detrimental to your weight loss goals than when not.
  • Having shots or vodka/soda/lime will mean that there are no additional calories being consumed. Especially additional calories from cocktails that are full of sugar and right behind alcohol in our pipeline.
  • How much alcohol are you drinking? The more you drink the more your shoving into that pipeline and the bigger the chance that your calories from food don’t get used at all and are stored as fat.

Alcohol isn’t evil because it gets stored as fat, but because it reduces the amount of fat your body burns for energy. While it’s probably safe to assume that excess calories will cause excess fat, alcohol doesn’t magically pack on the poundsĀ butĀ it is calorieĀ dense and can temporarily hinder the body’s lipid oxidation rate by up to 73%

(Lipid oxidation is a measure of how much fat your body is burning)

So whats the best plan of attack when it comes to Alcohol? Keep it in moderation, eat clean food before during and after, don’t have sugary mixers and DANCE to keep burning through that pipeline of stored energy šŸ˜‰



Pole Dancing

28 Oct

So yesterday was my first Pole Dancing class and I LOVED it! Being me I’ve now decided to dedicate my life to becoming a professional Pole Dancer and had to stop myself buying a pole to have installed at home!! Yes, it was that good. My upper body is nice and sore and Im not covered in bruises like I thought I would be. It was only session one so I’m sure it will be a little more of a workout in a few sessions time. Personally I think it’s always a good idea to incorporate fun exercise into your week, something that’s not about calorie burn or growth.

The warm up is nice and thorough and maneuvering around the pole will gradually build your upper body strength and core šŸ™‚

Behind the scenes of Transformations

28 Oct

My Golden Boy! Mitch is such a pleasure to train and an awesome training partner. Over the past 18months we have gained 7.5kg on the scales whilst dropping body fat. His commitment to his results conbined with a carefully written training program and diet has been a recipe for success!

My amazing training partner. She has been one of my most dedicated clients, balancing a tough training schedule with a healthy diet and still having a life. She is queen of creating healthy versions of classic treats (I’m King!). From 76kg’s to 64.9kgs in 6 months -the first 10kgs only took about 4 months. Her leathal combination of HIIT, curcuit style weights training and healthy diet (yes she ate carbs and fat and didnt go hungry!!) is to credit for this speedy transformation.

My crossfit obsessed boyfriend. Ill be honest, he worked damn hard. These remarkably fast results were achieved over 12 weeks through daily or even twice a day crossfit sessions and low carbing. Carbs before and after training only. We didnt record any stats but the pictures speak for themselves!

client ‘A’ after 4 months of consistant training. She enjoys good quality food and got all her results through HIIT and weights training. Her weight has dropped from 73kgs down to 64kgs.

Enjoy Hummus! (And Other Dips)

27 Oct

I love hummus and tzaziki and beetroot dip and basil pesto ALL so much! So if you’re a dip lover like me you want to listen carefully. The safest way to enjoy your dip is by having it on something green. I don’t mean green tortilla chips, I mean:
1. Cucumber
2. Snow peas
3. Blanched green beans
4. Zucchini (roasted or raw)
5. Kale chips
6. Broccolini
7. Asparagus
8. Celery
I’m sure you can think of more, but these are a much healthier option to chips, crackers, rice thins or even carrots! This way you get to truly enjoy the dip and don’t have to worry about loading on carbs. While we’re on dips though, I’m a huge advocate for home made, so I’ll be posting a few dip recipes up soon!


Scrambled Omelette

25 Oct

I’ve never really liked scrambled eggs when people have made it for me, they’ve always been bland or gooey or rubbery or too buttery. So when I first dabbled in making my own I didn’t actually realise I was just scrambling an omelette. Anyway it worked out really well and tastes amazing!

Scrambled Omelet Healthy Recipe 2 x Eggs
1 x Small Onion
6 x Mushrooms
1 x tbspn of Quark
Curry powder
1 x tbspn Water
100g of Shredded Pork
Olive oil for the pan

Cut up the onion and mushrooms and fry them, then whisk the other ingredients together and pour them through the pan. Do it in a non-stick pan so that you don’t get burnt egg everywhere. It tastes amazing and I sometimes don’t use meat and add spinach or zucchini, I just didn’t this morning.

– Sam