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Choc-peanut mousse

28 Nov


This delish mousse is a favorite in my house. Simple made with 150g natural fat free yogurt and 1-2 scoops Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Powder.

I’ve sprinkled some crushed peanuts on too for the BF! Mixing in a spoonful of peanut butter or coconut oil takes it to a whole new level of YUM!




Peanut Butter Review

27 Nov


Sooo I finally got my hot little hands on a tub and its pretty good.

It’s not as peanut buttery as I’d hoped, more chocolatey which isn’t my fav when it comes to protein powder!

It’s a very fine powder and very filling! It makes a thick shake with water and/or ice which is always a plus!

It’s a perfect amount of sweetness and doesn’t unsettle my sensitive tummy so the overall opinion is that its been a hit!

Def worth trying, although a little hard to hunt down! I found that the big chain stores didn’t have it so I went to privately owned bodybuilding supplement stores that tend to have the riskier flavors!

Next on my list is cinnamon scroll flavor! Stay tuned πŸ˜‰



Doughnut Bread

26 Nov



This isn’t one of my healthiest recipes and its certainty not one I recommend having often but its a hell of a lot healthier than having a doughnut!

All it is, is wraps, cinnamon, natvia and coconut oil! Depending on the type of bread your using you might need to alter how you heat it up so it doesn’t go hard.

Simply coat a pan lightly in coconut oil and fry the bread for maybe 60 seconds. Just enough to hear it up, then spray the bread with coconut oil and sprinkle with cinnamon and granulated natvia! Some breads go heavy and moist and don’t need a cost of coconut oil but its good for making the homemade cinnamon sugar stick!

I am so addicted to this at the moment and every Sunday come cheat meal time I’m whipping up several at a time!!

Riss πŸ™‚


Cinnamon apples!

26 Nov


This delish little treat can be used in your diet in so many ways.

Dice 8 apples and cook in 1/2 cup of water. Keep on a low heat with the lid on until soft. To spice it up I added cinnamon, stevia, cloves and a pinch of both nutmeg and ground ginger.

Add some sweetness to your oats in the morning with a few spoonfuls or mix with yogurt at night for a low calorie treat.

The boyfriend loves it when I just serge it hot in a bowl with toasted oats sprinkled on top! It’s like a yummy apple crumble!!

Make a big batch and store it in the fridge to use throughout the week in your diet. It’s a healthy sweet snack that tastes great on its own when you get hungry!

Riss πŸ™‚

Color me skinny!

24 Nov

These colorful snack boxes are so incredibly simple and clean. I love my sugar free substitutes and my salt and my big flavor hits but sometimes my body craves plain simple foods.

This was today’s morning and afternoon tea. The orange and red was morning tea (higher carb veg) and the green one was a late afternoon snack (very low carb veg).

These are great when your in a rush and need to throw something together quickly. The raw veg keep your mouth busy and your tummy full! I sprinkled mine with pepper and lemon infused olive oil. Both had 100g lean grilled chicken breast thrown in too!

Quick, Fat-Burning Circuit

22 Nov

You’ll need gloves and a punching bag or someone to hold pads. This quick little circuit is a great cardio burst to include into your training program!

2 x Star jumps
2 x Strong power punches
2 x Squat jumps

Starting with 2 of each exercise work your way up in increments of 2 until you get to 20, then work your way back down in increments of 2!


Burn 100 Cals in 5 Mins

22 Nov

40 x Star Jumps
30 x Suitcases
20 x Squat Jumps
10 x Burpee Jumps

– Make sure you clap at the top of the star jump
– Lie on your back and lift your straight legs and arms simultaneously to do a suitcase
– Try a pliΓ© squat to make it tougher
– Don’t sell out and cut corners!
– Repeat 3 times and you’ll be spent

– Sam