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Salty Fix

31 Jan

I love salt a little too much so lately I’ve made a bit more effort to cut down on it.

BUT if I’m dying for something salty then this is a great little snack that beats having chips or some other fatty salty snack!

A thin layer of Vegemite topped by a generous amount of low fat creamed cottage cheese. It’s so addictive so be warned its hard to stop at two! I ended up making another 2 after I ate these yesterday!

Your looking at roughly 100cal for the two (that’s with lots of cottage cheese) and its about 60:40 protein to carbs so perfect for morning tea!

But make them fresh and eat them straight away. They go soggy quickly!




Mushroom pizzas

30 Jan


I stumbled across this photo on someone’s Facebook, there was no recipe or anything but if looked yummy so I kinda just made it up and made it as healthy as possible!

Get several of the big mushroom cups and remove the stalk. Then you stuff it will low fat ricotta cheese (I like mine salty so I mix it with salt first) then dice up a few olives to place on top then a piece of fat reduced salami. Super simple and pretty much as it looks in the pic!

I just put them in the oven until the top was crispy! About 5min on high. Hawaiian pizza is my fav so I also made ones with pineapple and fat free ham, delish!

Serve with a side of salad for a low carb dinner or simply as an afternoon snack 🙂



The Chin-up

30 Jan

My beautiful client Erica who’s an absolute machine in the gym. Not only has she leaned right down but her strength and fitness is ten times what it was when I first met her!

It’s one of those exercises that boys love and girls seem to hate. (Obviously generalizing!)

But it really is such a great exercise. Changing your hand position will get a whole new set of muscles involved and for those of you that do them, you know it can get the heart rate up!

It’s one of my core exercises that I think is important in any program. Pair it up with some heavy walking lunges for a killer super set.

Girls jump on the assisted chin up machine and boys just try and do as many as possible and keep trying to beat your previous count!




28 Jan


Branch Chain Amino Acids. This stuff is the best! I’m not huge on supplementation, I’m a big believer in if you can get it from food then stop paying to have expensive urine! But since being put on it by my coach I don’t think I could ever go back…

New studies show that dieting groups supplementing with BCAAs increase muscle retention and maximize fat loss much more effectively than non-supplemented groups. Ok so now you agree its great, lets have a closer look at how it works:

Muscle mass = rate of protein synthesis(builds) – rate of protein breakdown(burns)

When the rate of synthesis equals the rate of breakdown, you don’t gain or lose muscle.
If the rate of synthesis exceeds the rate of breakdown, you gain muscle.
When the rate of breakdown exceeds the rate of synthesis, you lose muscle.

So what the hell does that mean??

It means that if your dieting and training to get lean then there’s a good chance your both slowing down protein synthesis and speeding up protein breakdown. And since we all know that the more muscle we have the more fat we burn, this is not good!

BCAAs not only increase the rate of protein syntheses but also increase the cells capacity for protein syntheses!! Win win win.

So guys and girls if you want to supplement- other than a protein powder which I also highly recommend- this will do the job! Great for fasted cardio and during training 🙂

Ive tried to keep this breif and easy to read so if theres any questions feel free to ask.



The Squat

28 Jan


This should be apart of everyone’s training program in some way, shape or form! Squats are one of our foundation exercises that build sexy glutes and toned legs while blasting fat!

There are hundreds of reasons why this is such a great exercise but let me cover just a few of my fav perks.

This one exercise uses so many muscles, and not just any of them- the big boys! This then creates a much greater calorie burn compared to say bicep curls (which unfortunately seems to be the sole exercise of choice in the weights room with girls).

It works a girls best bits (in my opinion)! Yeah yeah we all want a flat tummy and toned arms but nothing turns heads like a perky butt and toned legs.

And really its a damn useful movement. Everyone squats everyday! Going to the toilet, getting on and off your chair, picking up kids/groceries. Since moving into my new place I think I’ve rearranged the furniture about 10 times! Most recently last night…and it was a lot easier and safer thanks to my squat practice 😉

Some people don’t like a bar on there back, some people might want a more cardio version (jump squats). There are loads of different variations to suit all levels and goals! Find one that works for you and add it in to your next session 🙂



Soy Broccoli

27 Jan


This low carb meal is great for dinners. Firstly cook the mince in coconut or sesame oil, soy sauce and garlic. Then add diced up broccoli and put the lid on the pot so the broccoli steams.

All done! I like to add chili and/or cracked pepper but up to you 🙂



Blueberry Snack Atttack

26 Jan


These are the best snack! Frozen blueberries are perfect for hot summer afternoons or anytime really!

I prefer to eat them frozen, but either way they are a terrifically low cal snack that’s packed full of goodness for the body. Ill easy eat a whole 500g bag over the course of a hot day!