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Sydney Style Tapas

28 Feb

A common thing I find is that come meal time I want a million different things! My ideal dinner would be 1 bite of 10 different meals! So last night I was craving something sweet and avocadoey.

So I make a smaller portion of my chicken and veggie soup and then had avocado on corn thins with salt/pepper/lemon juice and some watermelon wedges! It was delish! I also felt like I was having 3 meals so was very content afterwards. The soup is onion and celery (the turmeric makes it yellow).

I find doing this makes it a little easier to make sure your getting your carbs/fats/protein in because you can make them completely seperate. Today for lunch I did cottage cheese on tomato (protein), peanut butter on corn thins (fat/carbs), and blueberries (more carbs because I love them!!).




Stair Sprints

25 Feb

This was this mornings cardio session!

10 laps is 1 round, then do that 3 times! 15min warm up and down (15min walk away from work).

Its sessions like this that make me excited for winter! I’m hot sweaty and itchy and definitely not doing them so late in the morning until winter!

Great cardio session if your not a gym member or just need some training in the fresh air! Anyone can find a set of stairs or big hill to do this and depending on your fitness level you can start with walking them or straight into sprints!




Cheese and Tomato Bites

24 Feb


This super simple snack is an all time fav! Its literally just thick slices of tomato with a spoonful of low fat cottage cheese on top! Sprinkled with salt and pepper for flavor.

The amount of times I’ve had this for dinner because I’ve let myself get too hungry and I can’t wait for food to cook! Its so yummy and so fast!

Maybe not the most rounded dinner but makes for a perfect afternoon tea 😉



Salmon Avocado Salad

20 Feb


Salmon Acocado is a winning combination in any form if you ask me so after being too sick to enjoy my dinner last night I had it for brekkie 🙂

-Coz lettuce
-Half a tomato
-Half cucumber
-Handful diced capsicum
-half lemon squeezed
-150g cold steamed salmon
-1/4 avocado
-salt and pepper
-Pre made basil and lemon dressing

Very yummy and very filling due to the high fat content of the meal. The salmon, avocado and dressing all have substantial amounts of fat so I ditched the carbs and went to healthy fats heaven!

This is usually the type of meal I’d have for dinner but I was so looking forward to it last night that I woke up craving it!


Haloumi & Green Bean Salad

20 Feb


This tasted really good and fresh. I put loads of spinach in, blanched the green beans by letting them sit in boiled water for 3 minutes, and cut up cherry tomatoes and onion. Lastly I fried the haloumi for about 30 seconds on each side and topped it with lemon! Delish!

Chickpea Salad

19 Feb


This was a really yummy substitute for my usual green vege salad today! All it is..
200g Chickpeas
1 1/2 Cups of Rocket
1 Whole Tomato diced
1/4 Thinly sliced Onion
Drizzle of Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil
Half Lemon squeezed
Moroccan seasoning

I whipped it up last night for lunch today because I didn’t have time this morning and it made it ten times better!


Hot Lemon Drink

18 Feb


This wake up drink is great! If I’m not rushing out the door like a crazy person because I hit snooze too many times then I will always have this first thing upon waking. And this year I’ve been making a bigger effort to have it everyday.

I have a sensitive tummy and after Christmas feel like my digestion is a little sluggish (although not lately). So how does this help?

It Wakes up your metabolism. After fasting during the night and resting, our bodies slow down so having this is almost like a warning ‘food is coming! Prepare yourself!’ Whether its in my head or real, I feel like my body processes brekkie much better after having my lemon drink first thing.

There are so many benefits of hot lemon drink first thing in the morning and a few different variations! If I’ve got a higher fat/protein brekkie ill add apple cider vinegar to help break down my food. And I don’t personally do this but plenty of my clients will have honey mixed in before training to give them more energy!

Either way, give it a shot and see if it benefits you.