Breakfast Berry Stack

7 Mar

This was just too good to not share! Absolutely delish and FULL of goodness. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to get protein and good fats into brekkie, I’m not a huge eggs/meat eater and I’m starting to get over protein powder every morning!!

So this is what I came up with! Here’s how to make it….

100g chobani 2% natural yogurt
Handful raspberries
Tspn. Shredded coconut
Drop of vanilla essence
Stevia to taste
1 tbsp chia seeds
1/4cup water
(Mix all this up to make the soggy base. Let sit for 5min so chia seeds can soak up some of the water)
Then sprinkle on top:
Tbsp oats
Tbsp bran (the no sugar added kind that tastes awful on its own!!)

There should be enough liquid so as the oats and bran go soggy! If the chia seeds have soaked up ALL the water I will pour water on top until its just under the oats and bran.

Stick it in the fridge over night and enjoy an amazing brekki! It goes lovely and firm like a cheesecake 😉 this is SO filling, you will most definitely be sustained throughout the morning!





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