Chia Seed Pudding

9 Mar


So tonight’s dessert was this. Its the 3rd time I’ve made it and each times tasted different from the last. Ill be honest the first 1 was the best, its been downhill since! But they’ve all had different macros and were all still delish so ill give you then all….

The staples in all 3:

Chia seeds
Vanilla essence

The variables:

The first one I made with coconut cream and banana. So it was by far the most decadent with fats and sugars. Understandably the yummiest one!

The second I made with chobani yogurt and raspberries. Much lower in both fat and carbs, still yummy though!

And the one I made tonight was with milk and desiccated coconut (the raspberries were just a garnish). This one was a bit too boring for me but I think some fruit would do the trick!

Play around with ingredients and flavors and add liquid slowly. Get familiar with how much water for your ideal consistency. Here’s a few ideas for flavors to try:

Cacao nibs
Different fruits
Lemon zest
Cream cheese
Coconut oil
Protein powder

The list goes on! Play around and see what YOU like.



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