Enjoy Your Training

6 Mar


What you do when you come to the gym is important and how hard you train is definitely important but enjoying it is also important.

I don’t LOVE all my training sessions, some I down right dread! But I always make sure I’ve got a good balance in there so I don’t throw in the towel.

I’ve had periods in my life where I’ve done the ‘perfect’ training. Lots of high intensity training (sprints/spin class) heavy weights sessions and high intensity circuits with big compound movements. And I smashed myself EVERY time! But notice I said ‘periods in my life’ – not all the time.

If I’m training for something in particular I tend to rev it up but if I’m just maintaining or my focus shifts to a less demanding goal then I do what I enjoy! Today was my first Body Step class in far too long! It may not be the hardest or best class (still a good cardio workout) but I LOVE it! I look forward to it, I arranged my whole day around it!

This kind of attitude towards training is what will help you stay consistent. So search far and wide until you discover what you love, and if it means 4 x sessions at 75% intensity forever then that sure as hell beats working at 100% for a few weeks of the year then nothing!

Don’t get me wrong, you have to work hard to get results, and working hard in training pays off in so many ways but my point is dont let it be the be all and end all. Make sure you’ve got a good mix of challenging sessions (very rewarding) and fun sessions you look forward to. For me I do half and half. 3 x fun (2 x pole dancing and 1 x aerobics) and 3 challenging/caffeine induced sessions (1 x sprints or cycle class and 2 x heavy weights training).

Sports, dance classes, group training, personal training, rock climbing etc. are all great examples of activities that are fun and might help keep you consistent.

So get out there and find what you enjoy!



Roasted Chickpeas

4 Mar


These are great little snack! Chickpeas are awesome, a well balanced combo of fats, proteins, carbs and a good dose of fibre!

They are quite carb heavy so your best having this as your mid morning snack! They come in two flavors (‘lightly salted’ and ‘Sicilian herb and garlic’).

But be warned, they are really good!! A little too addictive to just eat straight from the pack. They are quite salty too so I find I drink a good 1/2L of water when I eat them! So portion yourself out 50-100g and take that to work 😉



Sushi Saver!

4 Mar


Now I am a BIG sushi fan! Ill go through phases where ill love it more than other times but right now I’m in the grips of a sushi craze! This will result in me having it for lunch or dinner every second day almost!

One of the gyms I work at has a sushi train downstairs and since I’m only there at night it tends to be sushi for dinner. Not what you want right before bed…

So my solution? Pick off all the rice. I strictly only get raw salmon and avocado covered in soy drenched ginger so its a pretty high (good) fat meal. This makes it all the more important that the white rice is removed.

I absolutely love sushi and don’t always do this (I’m not completely crazy) but I’m also not in the middle of a comp prep, which means I have a LOT more flexibility with my diet!

If sushi is a ‘healthy, quick, easy’ meal after a long day then make it as clean as possible. None of the fried chicken or mayo/teriyaki filled sushi for you! But if its your treat or what you love about sushi is in fact the mayo/teriyaki/deep frying then by all means go ahead and enjoy but don’t be fooled into thinking that its a healthy/weight loss meal.



Fiber Box

1 Mar

This Bircher inspired brekkie is actually really tasty! Its also super filling and last me until lunchtime without fail!

-2 heaped tbsp chobani plain yogurt
-handful blueberries
-tspn shredded coconut
-1/2 serve banana protein powder
-1/4 cup oats
-1/4 cup bran (not the sweetened type in your cereal section! The plain wheat or rice bran with no added sugar/sweetener)
-1/4 water

Mix everything together except for the bran. Then sprinkle the bran on top! That way the oats go nice and soggy but the bran is nice and crunchy! My boyfriend doesn’t like it crunchy so he mixes it all up before putting it in the fridge overnight!

Its one of those meals that you can just taste the goodness, you’ve got a good combo of macros made up of top quality ingredients. A really great start to the day 🙂




Sydney Style Tapas

28 Feb

A common thing I find is that come meal time I want a million different things! My ideal dinner would be 1 bite of 10 different meals! So last night I was craving something sweet and avocadoey.

So I make a smaller portion of my chicken and veggie soup and then had avocado on corn thins with salt/pepper/lemon juice and some watermelon wedges! It was delish! I also felt like I was having 3 meals so was very content afterwards. The soup is onion and celery (the turmeric makes it yellow).

I find doing this makes it a little easier to make sure your getting your carbs/fats/protein in because you can make them completely seperate. Today for lunch I did cottage cheese on tomato (protein), peanut butter on corn thins (fat/carbs), and blueberries (more carbs because I love them!!).




Stair Sprints

25 Feb

This was this mornings cardio session!

10 laps is 1 round, then do that 3 times! 15min warm up and down (15min walk away from work).

Its sessions like this that make me excited for winter! I’m hot sweaty and itchy and definitely not doing them so late in the morning until winter!

Great cardio session if your not a gym member or just need some training in the fresh air! Anyone can find a set of stairs or big hill to do this and depending on your fitness level you can start with walking them or straight into sprints!




Cheese and Tomato Bites

24 Feb


This super simple snack is an all time fav! Its literally just thick slices of tomato with a spoonful of low fat cottage cheese on top! Sprinkled with salt and pepper for flavor.

The amount of times I’ve had this for dinner because I’ve let myself get too hungry and I can’t wait for food to cook! Its so yummy and so fast!

Maybe not the most rounded dinner but makes for a perfect afternoon tea 😉